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Jalnidhi Bitumen Specialities Pvt Ltd

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130, Cotton Street
West Bengal - 700007
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Fax : 033-2270 2193
Mktg : jalnidhi@cal2.vsnl.net.in

Jalnidhi Bitumen Specialties Pvt Ltd was incorporated by Mr Sanjay Kumar Dalmia of Kolkata, West Bengal, (aged 48 years, Graduate) along with his family members in June 29, 1994. Prior to the setting up of JBSPL, the Dalmia family was engaged in the business since 1990 through a partnership firm (M/s. Jalnidhi Industries). Subsequently, to manage the increasing business volume efficiently, the erstwhile partnership firm was converted into a private limited company. JBSPL is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of bitumen-based products like blow and polymer-modified bitumen, bitumen emulsions, crumb rubber, and hessian felts, etc. with an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility located at Howrah, West Bengal (installed capacity: i. Bitumen emulsions ? 13000 MT ii. Polymer- modified bitumen ? 9500 MT iii. Crumb rubber modified bitumen ? 9500 MT and iv. Hessian felts - 240000 Rolls).