Biotechnology Industry in India

Biotechnology is an important sector to India that enhances India's global profile. India is the largest producer of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine. Out of the top 10 biotech companies in India (by revenue), six focus their expertise in bio-pharmaceuticals and four specialise in agri-biotech. India is also one of the top 12 advanced biotech industry in the world. In India, the biotechnology is among the fastest growing knowledge based sectors. It is being used now to develop and design improved varieties of crops, new pharmaceutical products, plethora of chemicals, cosmetics, fertilizers, growth enhancers, processed foods, health care aids and environment-related substances, etc. India has made a mark with large number of therapeutic biotech drugs and vaccines, being currently produced an
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    A G Bio Systems Pvt Ltd

    A G Bio Systems Pvt Ltd is a biotechnology company established in the year 1997 to provide integrated pest management services and also indulge in research and development activ

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    Aarti Drugs Ltd

    Aarti Drugs Ltd is a part of the USD 500 million Aarti Group of Industries, Aarti Drugs Ltd (ADL) was established way back in in 1984. Since its inception, the company has estab

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    Abbott India Ltd

    Abbott India Ltd is one of India's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Mumbai, the public listed company is a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories. The comp

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    Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    Established in 1907, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in India. The Company is vertically integrated with the ability to develop, manufacture

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    Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd

    Aurigene is a specialized biotech company, focused on oncology and inflammatory diseases. Aurigene has deep target and therapeutic area expertise, gained from the experience of

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    Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Avesthagen is a leading life science company pioneering the convergence between Food, Pharma and Population Genetics leading to Predictive Preventive Personalized Healthcare.

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    Biocon Ltd

    Biocon is India's largest fully-integrated, innovation-led biopharmaceutical company that is driven by a passion to develop research-driven, cutting-edge therapies. The Company

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    BTM Group India

    BTM Group of Companies is one of the rapidly growing organisation in the country with a very strong presence in Iron-Ore , Life Sciences and Textile sector