Particle Board

Particle Board in India

Particle Board, also called as medium density fibreboard (MDF) is manufactured from wood pulp, saw mill chips, sawdust with synthetic resins or any suitable binders. These boards are cheaper, denser and uniform than conventional wood and plywood. These are substituted when there is less requirement of strength or appearance are needed. Nowadays, these boards are painted attractively. A major disadvantage of particleboard is that it is very prone to expansion and discoloration due to moisture, particularly when it is not covered with paint.
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    Divine Board Pvt Ltd

    Divine Board Pvt Ltd was promoted by Pareshbhai N Patel and Krupesh Patel. They have set up a manufacturing plant to manufacture particle boards in Halvad in Gujarat.

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    Ecoboard Industries Ltd

    'ECOBOARD' is a versatile all purpose Particle board. Its homogeneous processing and usage of fiber-reinforcement system with 11% resin content ensures a much higher bonding str

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    Orchid Laminates Pvt Ltd

    Orchid Laminates Pvt Ltd is engaged in manufacturing Coated Paper Boards and High Pressure Decorative Laminate sheets (HPL Sheets). The company has its manufacturing plant in Ha

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    Sun Particle Board Pvt Ltd

    Sun Particle Board Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 2012 and commenced its commercial operations by the end of April 2016. The unit is located in prime industrial area and thus has a

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    Viva Boards Pvt Ltd

    Viva Boards Pvt Ltd incorporated on 29th March 2011 is promoted by Rudravaram Mahesh who has more than a decade of experience in managing kraft paper/paper board industry. The o