Brewery in India

Indian Beer industry is growing at 7-9 % over the last 10 years. Exposure to global culture and frequent travel abroad, changing youth helps to grow the industry. The Indian beer market is dominated by strong beers (>5% alcohol by volume), which account for 70% of the total beer industry. The premium beer market is a mere 5% of the total but this segment is rapidly expanding, touching a growth rate of between 35-40%%. However, the Indian beer industry is hampered by government regulations. It is highly taxed, apart from restrictions imposed on free trade. There are entry and export taxes when stocks are moved across states, further the government is fixing the price of beer, leaving no room for free trade. Further the number of retail outlets are also very less compared to developed world
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    A B Grain Spirits Ltd

    A.B. Grain Spirits Pvt. Ltd. is one of the companies promoted by the Adie Broswon Corporation, is capacity wise in grain the largest plant in India. Its core business areas are

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    Arlem Breweries Ltd

    Arlem Breweries Ltd started its operations in the year 1966 and is engaged in production of beer products. It is a part of Chowgule group

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    Artos Breweries Ltd

    Artos Breweries Ltd started its operations in the year 1969 is engaged in production of beer. The company has entered into Mohan Meakin to provide technical assistance . It has

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    Associated Alcohols Breweries Ltd

    Associated Alcohols Breweries Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of liquor. The company operates in a segment that is Potable Alcohol. The organization has its presence in country

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    Aurangabad Breweries Ltd

    Aurangabad Breweries Ltd belonging to Chowgule group has set up a brewery in Waluj in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra

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    Blossom Industries Ltd

    Blossom Industries Ltd belonging to Khemani Group has set up a brewery in Daman. It has a manufacturing capacity of one million hl of beer per annum.

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    Carlsberg India Pvt Ltd

    Carlsberg entered India in May 2006 by incorporating a company named South Asia Breweries Pvt. Ltd. The name changed to Carlsberg India Private Limited on 23rd February 2009 to

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    Chambal Breweries Distilleries Ltd

    Chambal Breweries & Distilleries Limited (CBDL) was set up in the year 1985. The company is engaged in trading of IMFL, Beer and Country Liquor.

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    Devans Modern Breweries Ltd

    Devans Modern Breweries Ltd was set up in 1962 as a liquor-bottling unit, manufactures malt spirit, beer, and Indian-made foreign liquor. For the fiscal 2014, DMBL had a net lo

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    Dollex Industries Ltd

    Dollex Industries Ltd is a manufacturer of Sugar, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Ethanol and it?s by products. The company has its registered office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.